10. Social Value System

On the left side of the blog are links to functional sections. One of them is a "comparison". After completing the identification, the system will offer candidates who have the maximum level of similarity with you. The constant number of candidates is 100 (this is a temporary parameter). Opposite to each candidate (right side) there is a link "detailed comparison", click on it - the comparison chart will open. This is your detailed comparison in each Aspect, expressed in percentage of similarity. The comparison in the overall standings is displayed directly on the candidate icon (on top).

It is necessary to remember the following: at a high level of your resemblance to two different people, it is not necessary that they have similarities among themselves. Most likely they are similar no more than on value of an average level. In other words - any relativity is unique. A very high level of similarity is a rare phenomenon. If you see a person with the similarity level to you for example 95% (almost incredible), this is practically "You", i.e. your mental copy - taking into account the average fluctuation of own changes within 8% for every 3 months.

The randomness here is critically low, the chance for a spontaneous coincidence of a 300-digit identifier is approximately 6,3*10#197 - is a 200-digit figure of cosmic scale.

Precaution: is that there are some categories of people categorically and even aggressively relating to a worthy competition, this can manifest itself at a high level of similarity. Determine this is not difficult in the process of communication. We advise you to avoid such contacts.