9. How to use the blog

After logging into the blog, you will see an almost empty structure. This is your, completely empty blog. First, study it. Look in the "comparison" section - if you have been identified, the system has already prepared a list of the most suitable candidates. If you have not been identified, we recommend that you do this as soon as possible. This is in your interest. ICRYPTED is not harder (probably simpler) than many popular Social Networks, calm down and quietly explore every detail, hints are displayed when hovering the mouse, do not rush.

To fill your blog, start acting. Upload your photo. Create any object - publish anything. To find friends or interlocutors - write to anyone which you can find in "comparison" section (on the right of each candidate you will see the link "write a message"). In the process of using the site you can discover many interesting things. The project is developing, probably the addition of new services. Pay attention to system news and messages.