7. "Collapse" system

Before entering the "Collapse" system, you will see a figurative instruction in the form of a circle. Read it every time it's displayed, this will set you up appropriately to the right choice. Here are offered all the main categories of goods and services – “all on the one shelf”.

In principle, this is the “System Satisfying the Shopaholic needs” and a simulator of reasonable selectivity of goods. As it turns out, not everything consists in the need to buy goods and to possess them, but to a greater extentсy in the need to make a choice, and compare of this choice to the choice of other people. "Collapse" provides this great opportunity - to makes a choice again and again.

After each choice, the system displays the ratio of your choice to the choice of Society. In the real world, there is no way to make the choice with confront of any products and services to other at the same moment of time, and there is no way to compare your choice and choice of Society - "Collapse" successfully solves these problems. Periodic practice will teach you to think before buying and will significantly reduce your expenses. Among all other things - it's entertaining game, an interesting, very silent, and soothing of your nervous system. You can enjoy this at anywhere, at any time of the day and in any environment (even in a tram).