6. Identification system

The identification process is long and quite entertaining. It serves to form a personal identifier, through which the system can compare you with other users and offer the most similar to you candidates. The more the indicator of general similarity, the more interesting it is to be acquainted with the chosen candidates (-as your friends, or -as interlocutors).

Think about each choice - this will ensure a more accurate selection of candidates. When choosing to some your precedency (like from clothes, and other material values), do not take into account their cost - be guided only by the soul attraction. Analyze whether you really need a particular thing or not, whether you are really interested in it or not. With this approach, take every decision of choice - this is your opinion regarding of the opinions of other people.

With experience, people constantly change. To maintain the relevance of the data, for a more accurate comparison, the Identification process is repeated every 3 months. Before the expiry of this period, this possibility is blocked. Periodic passing of identification process is voluntary, of course, but we recommend that you pass all the identification procedures in time, as a result you will be able to observe the details of your changes (section "comparison" -> "My History" tab).