14. Creation of group

To create a group: the "groups" -> right side of the page -> button "create group".

After starting the group creation process, enter the name of your group, select the group type and define the identification function connection. What is it and how does it work? This is a new feature. If you connect the identification, you will have a choice of specific aspects, positions and answers - reflecting the characteristics of the members of the group. The parameters of the percentage of matches for the entry will be available to you as information: The top number - is the percentage of the match of the identifier by which the user can entry to the group; The lower indicator - is the percentage of your own coincidence with the passing score. Remember, if you create a group with a passing score, which not match with your identifier - youself can not get entry to the group (and not otherwise). So, when you create the group, be very attentive please. When displaying the items selection - the crown over the one position means matching your own identifier (- is the best choice now).

All users of the website (in your language category) whose identifier will match the pass score you created - will receive an invitation to your group. You can invite anyone yourself, but - if the identifier does not match the passing score, the invitees will not be able to join your group. The maximum number of pass-through points is 32, however, we recommend making a qualification by 8-12 positions, this will be promised to you get more members of the group. If the qualification is too rigid, there is a possibility that there will not be candidates at all. Carefully refer to the creation of the group and you will succeed.

After selecting (with identifier / or without it), choose the main category / subcategory of the group. Next, you must specify the age category (a large figure in the center), and the gender specificity of the group (unlimited / male / female). Then, you can write the name in the URL address (use Latin letters) - write address of the group in English only, you can choose at any that you like. After all procedures have been completed - click the "create group" button (at the bottom of the page). Enter into your group (the "groups" section). On the page of your group (on the right) you will find the "settings" and "members management" buttons.

Note: If the user is a member of the group, a natural change in his identifier will not affect his membership. However, if the user leaves the group, and his identifier due to the changes does not correspond to the passing qualification - this user will not be able to restore the membership in the group (this is logical).

The process of creating a group in practice is much simpler than it looks in the description - we do not doubt that you will understand this. Good luck.