Website icrypted.com is a multilingual resource, the current version is implemented in the following languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French. Cooperation - implies the development of the site in these segments.

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1. Considering proposals to attract investment for the ICRYPTED development (as well as direct investment proposals). Perhaps a phased development, from the level of individual language segments to the global level. Admittion possibility for change the main dislocation.

2. We consider the constructive mutually beneficial offers of Marketing Agencies for cooperation in promoting icrypted.com for the user audiences of language segments of the Internet.

3. We consider the proposals of professional organization and support groups in popular social networks - only on the basis of full autonomy and in accordance with the ICRYPTED policy. Exclusive solutions are possible in most of language segments.

4. We consider consumer offers of companies and departments interested in ICRYPTED services related to people comparison technologies, personnel selection, personnel of units (conceptual and research part, technology, programm processes support, data processing, development of specific software).

5. We consider all proposals related to the research and development of new technologies in the field of online marketing, technologies and advertising mechanisms, new methods of adaptive calculation of the cost of advertising services in the global network.

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