1. General Provisions

This "Agreement" is an official document confirming the consent of the parties to a voluntary and mandatory acceptance of certain conditions, and has legal force. Parties are related to the Service and are treated abstractly in the text of this Agreement as "Supplier" (of the Service) and "Consumer" (of the Service), however, they are specific individuals and legal entities.

"Supplier" - Limited Liability Company "ICRYPTED" LTD is the supplier of a specific "Service", consisting in granting the right of temporary use of own property, defined here as a website having the function of "Social Network based on the Social Value System", Offered as a public offer for general use, but only if this "Agreement" is accepted by each of the "Consumers" of this Service personally, assuming full responsibility for any action, or inaction - create any effects recognized by the laws of any country in the World illegitimate.

The term of this "Agreement" is limited and effective from the moment of any actions connected with the website physically located on the equipment and media belonging to "ICRIPTED" LTD and available as an visual image - the result of the equipment operation and the interpretation of the program code, the content of which, depends only on the actions of the "Consumer" - displayed solely on his initiative, and because of his voluntary visit to the website at address https://icrypted.com/. Persons who do not have access to the site, who do not visit it and who are not registered users, they are not "Consumers", they do not have relations with this document and the term of the "Agreement" does not apply to them. However, it applies to every visitor to this website and to all persons who are registered users.

Any content displayed through access to the addresses of the icrypted.com domain and its subdomains that have the icrypted.com extension (for example, www.icrypted.com, pre1.icrypted.com) is located on a host owned or leased by ICRYPTED LTD , therefore, access to any of these addresses - automatically activates the legal impact of this "Agreement". Any relation to the website icrypted.com initiates the status of the "Consumer", consent to the contents of this "Agreement" and its automatic acceptance.

Changing the domain address by substitution in the memory area of a computer, server and other devices on the network, as well as substitution of IP addresses, network packets, and all other actions of hackers are illegal, require investigation and prosecution by the law. In such cases, the operation of this "Agreement" extends to third persons who violate the law, who are criminals who initiate access to the site icrypted.com illegally, or interfere with the normal access of users of the site, or interfere with its normal operation or the operation of equipment owned by ICRYPTED LTD.

ICRYPTED LTD has the right to change the text of this Agreement.


2. Services of the "Supplier".

"Service" offered by the "Supplier" is the Social Network based on the Social Value System. It is realized as a result of the operation of the equipment and by interpretation of the program code, only on the initiative of the "Consumer" of the accepting condition of this "Agreement". The website icrypted.com is the intellectual property of ICRYPTED LTD and is a virtual tool using which the Consumer satisfies the need for communication and interaction with other users of the Internet and the site icrypted.com. The site icrypted.com does not produce consumer content, except for static design, legal documentation, user instructions, statistical data, system alerts and commercial advertising. Consumer content is placed only by users - using the site as a functional tool.

The user is encouraged to use the opportunity to compare themselves with other people. For comparison, the system uses the identifiers generated by a result of the procedure of the special poll of each website user. The degree of similarity of identifiers is expressed in percentages and proposed to recognize these results as the Degree of Similarity between people whose identifiers are compared and used for comparison. The survey, within the framework of this site, is called the Identification System. Through this system, the user's attitude to 15 different aspects is clarified, subjectivity and its detailing in each of these aspects is expressed by a 20-fold sequence of choosing one of the three proposed positions (Skip of current group - is the 4th position). The received 300-digit identifier belongs to the user, and is his property. The system is not capable of analyzing identifiers in order to qualify the personality of the "Consumer", but only compares them to the degree of coincidence in each aspect and in the overall standings. Access to a personal identifier is equated to access to personal data, and its protection is provided at an appropriate level of security measures.

The ICRYPTED Social Network uses the opportunity to compare users and offers the most suitable (by system's point of view) candidates for providing comfortable communication, or building friendly relations, both in the overall standings, and in each of the 15 aspects: food, clothing, home, job, business, recreation, relationships, around me, art, technics, science, world-without-wars, civilization, world, clarity.

Users can maintain their own blog, create and join groups, publish various materials, use the internal chat system to communicate by sending text messages. Users can send (post, re-post), edit and delete their content, subscribe to other blog of any user or an open group and receive new publications in automatic mode. In general, ICRYPTED is an ordinary Social Network, but using a Social Value System that functionally complements all website services.

In addition to the basic functions of the Social Network, the ICRYPTED website may contain entertainment and intellectual services and other software products, including games, online stores, exchange points, search engines, libraries and other services. ICRYPTED LTD has the right to any changes to the website, both with respect to its program code, and the appearance of the site, without any restrictions, up to the removal of any function, section, blog of any user, or the site as a whole. This is explained by the fact that the icrypted.com website is an experimental work, and will never be completed. Each state of this "Service" is temporary. We do not exclude the possibility of accidentally deleting any material, section, service, account, or site as a whole - based on the human factor - live people work with the website - programmers, engineers, system administrators.

3. Rights of the "Supplier"

The "Supplier" officially declares to the "Consumer" the possibility of any changes to the website icrypted.com, up to its complete removal - without any notifications, warnings, and explanations of the reasons. "Consumer" in turn accepts this statement as an integral attribute of the provided "Service", has no claims related to these conditions and refers to this with the consent of the absence of violation of "Human Rights", the absolute legitimacy of any actions of the "Supplier" in respect of its own website and property, and the absence of any violations of any laws in all countries of the World. "Consumer" accepts these conditions and has no claims to the "Supplier" in such a case.

"Supplier" warns "Consumer" about the possibility of infecting a computer with a virus in the course of using the site - excluding liability for the consequences associated with this. "Consumer" accepts these conditions and recognizes the absence of fault of "Supplier" in this case.

"Supplier" warns about the possibility of violation of security measures when storing personal user data, including passwords, or violation of confidentiality in any form. "Supplier" is not responsible for the damage and any consequences associated with it. "Consumer" accepts these conditions and recognizes the absence of responsibility of "Supplier" in this case.

"Supplier" warns about the heterogeneity of the content published by users, and even if ICRYPTED LTD has the security department and censorship services, the team of the site is not able to ensure the moral purity of content and guarantee the absence of pornography, obscene words and expressions in the user content on the icrypted.com website, including propaganda, insulting of religions, feelings of believers, and insulting texts. "Consumer" understand that and accepts these conditions, and recognizes the absence of responsibility of "Supplier" in this case.

"Supplier" warns about the unreliability of the data of the Comparison System, equating the System of comparing people to an exciting game. The same warns "Supplier" declared about the "Collapse" System. The "consumer" understands this and uses this data under his own responsibility. "Consumer" accepts these conditions and recognizes the absence of responsibility of "Supplier" in this case.

"Supplier" has the right to material recovery from the "Consumer" by bringing him to responsibility under the current law, for any damage, damage caused to ICRYPTED LTD expressed in any form, including moral upheaval caused to any employee of the company in the time of performance their duties.

"Supplier" is not responsible for any violations of the "Consumer", including copyright infringement when publishing any material within the icrypted.com website, or damage to any goods (or equipment) in connection with the use of the website, as well as causing any damage to third parties in connection with the use of the site. "Supplier", here in particular the website icrypted.com - is only a tool for publication, a place for posting material, a means for communication.

"Supplier" assures that it does everything possible to exclude all of the above problems and security breaches. The icrypted.com website transmits data only over encrypted channels, uses HTTPS and SSL protocol with valid certificates. Nevertheless, the security service of ICRYPTED LTD is compelled to protect the company from fraudsters, including legally, therefore the text of the "Agreement" has a prudent content. "Consumer" understands the motives of "Supplier" - approves the policy of "Supplier", trusts him with his data and agrees to their processing.

"Supplier" has the right to assert his rights in court.

4. Rights of the "Consumer"

"Consumer" has the right to free registration and free use of all public services of the website icrypted.com, with the exception of advertising tools.

"Consumer" has the right to maintain a blog, publish material of three types: texts, video, audio - without restrictions on the number of objects created (of the published material).

"Consumer" has the right to send information about the published objects to friends and in groups, within the site of icrypted.com and to transfer to other Social networks.

"Consumer" has the opportunity to organize users in publicly-open groups and create posts of advertising content - without any special restrictions, with the exception of content, which contain signs of violence, an appeal for terror, suicide, explicit pornography, materials and texts that offend religion and infringing on the rights of believers, and other materials of immoral content. It must also be remembered that an open group is available for viewing to everyone, including children.

"Consumer" can organize users in closed groups while maintaining complete confidentiality about the activities, publications, and users included in its composition. The content of publications in closed groups is less limited, nevertheless, in the framework of icrypted.com, but any materials containing child pornography, calls for terror, suicide, violence in any form, murder, insulting the feelings of believers are strictly prohibited.

The "consumer" has the right to react appropriately to complaints from other users - this is a chance to correct the situation - to remove the relevant material, to change the content of the material so that complaints stop, add an explanation that changes the essence of the material.

"Consumer" has the right to use the chat system, with content restriction according to the nature of the interlocutor, in order to exclude even casual insults, and to ensure the absence of complaints. The consumer has the honor and the right to respect the interlocutor.

"Consumer" has the right to be among the Chosen for awarding users, i.e. to receive gifts from the ICRYPTED LTD, received due by the Promotion Campaign, or as a thank-you for the successful organization and management of the group, the large number of users in the group, the high attendance of the blog, or very large number of published objects (here it is necessary to note that it is inappropriate to ask for a gift, or to remind the system administrator about the facts of the number of the group members, the number of objects created, etc.).

"Consumer" has the right to refuse a gift, but has no right to forward it to another person (the reason is not important), and you cannot get compensation for a gift (money).

5. Elimination of the conflict.

In the event of any conflict (or dispute) between the "Supplier" and the "Consumer", an attempt is made to apply diplomacy and discretion at the negotiating table. In case of rejection of a peaceful solution, by one of the parties - the resolution of the conflict is postponed and becomes the prerogative of the organs of the Court and the investigation, according to the laws in force.

6. Consent of the parties.

The "Provider" of the Services initiates and accepts this "Agreement".

"Consumer" agrees with the content and accepts this "Agreement".

Continuing to use the resources of the icrypted.com site, you automatically accept this "Agreement".


All the best to you.