The most common company, the history of which began 16 years ago, in the most typical city, in two room apartment, where the most simple enthusiasts and their cheapest computers are located. After 8 years of studying the Global Network, the heads of these enthusiasts began to visit the ideas that something can be done about this. They thought and decided to do what else is not exists. After this conclusion, nothing more came into their minds.

To think about the non-existent obstinately did not work. Once, they managed to find out that they are all equally abnormal and do not think about anything. They came to this conclusion quite by accident, and only after they thought that 10 years had passed - all these years they lived in the same laboratory, and had the same experience. But is it? They decided to compare each with each of them, and find out the Truth, but did not find any suitable method.

There was a question: how to do this? An objective comparison can be expressed only in figures reflecting the ratio of each of them to general categories. To find out the comparison categories, each made his own list. These lists were compared. Everything that did not coincide in those lists - was subjective and not suitable for use in the comparison system. Thus, the list of Aspects was formed, there were only 15 of them.

Then, each made a list of positions for each of the Aspects. From these lists, also deleted everything that between them did not coincide and belonged to the subjective. So they found out objective and relevant positions for comparison. It turned out that the average number of positions in each Aspect did not exceed 20. Each position in Aspect consisted of three differing opinions. Not radically opposite, but fundamentally different. As a result, the Identification System turned out.

After the comparison it turned out, that all of them are different (in different degrees). The tool was very interesting. Each of them wanted to compare himself with everyone they knew. Very soon, it became clear to them - it is not only them, but almost everyone who is interested in. The system of comparing people has found a lot of applications - from searching for friends, and qualitative selection of military units, teams of large companies, to the choice of consumer categories.

Everyone who suggested the direction and scope of the Comparison System considered this system as applied to its field of activity. But, the inhabitants of this laboratory most wanted to implement this system in the environment of their activities - to the Global Network (Internet). They decided to compare all the people on Earth. Many people want to find understanding friends, or really close people. So the idea of creating ICRYPTED was born – the Social Network based on the Social Value System.

It's kind of a fictional story. In fact, the list of Aspects, positions and attitudes comprised 177 people (of both sexes and very different age categories, from 12 to 68 years old) from 12 countries of the World. And, ... it's not so easy as it sounds, but it's so right. Society is miracle. The world is wonderful.